The Bennington Triangle

Episode 39: The Bennington Triangle

You may have heard of The Bermuda Triangle, or even The Bridgewater Triangle . . . but what about the haunting stories from Vermont? The Bennington Triangle has its own history of disappearances, murders and even a man-eating stone?

The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp

Episode 26: The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp

What lurks in the swamps of South Carolina? Gators? Toads? Maybe a 7 foot tall lizard man who hates cars? Let’s dive into this week’s story!

Mothman: John Keel & Indrid Cold | Episode 25

Episode 25: Mothman: John Keel & Ingrid Cold (Pt. 2)

Continuing the Mothman story, let’s talk about related incidents and the curse that may have started the whole thing! John Keel, meetings with Indrid Cold and a Native American chieftain’s murder connect the dots around this mystery.

Mothman: A legend or a sign? (Pt. 1) | Episode 24

Epsideo 24: Mothman: A Legend or a Sign? (Pt. 1)

Is Mothman’s appearance at areas of tragedy a friendly warning or something more sinister? In the first of two parts, we discuss the history of the Mothman tale. And since Mo is always right, we learn that Philadelphia Tomato Pie is not a pizza.

Holiday Special #1: European Holiday Cryptids | Episode 22

Episode 22: Holiday Special #1: European Holiday Cryptids

We are staying well within European folklore for this episode and are going to be talking about the weird and wonderful world of Winter Cryptids from the nice, the dark, to the downright bizarre. This is the Squonk and the Hag’s Christmas special!

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