Fox Hollow Farm

Episode 41: Fox Hollow Farm

Ready for some true crime and scary tales all in one episode? Let’s talk about Herbert Baumeister and Fox Hollow Farm outside of Indianapolis! Hold on tight because this one is a heck of a ride…

Holiday Special #1: European Holiday Cryptids | Episode 22

Episode 22: Holiday Special #1: European Holiday Cryptids

We are staying well within European folklore for this episode and are going to be talking about the weird and wonderful world of Winter Cryptids from the nice, the dark, to the downright bizarre. This is the Squonk and the Hag’s Christmas special!

Stanley Detweiler: A Murder Gone Horribly Wrong

Episode 11: Stanley Detweiler: A Robbery Gone Horribly Wrong

On a warm summer’s night in 1987, a kind hearted man became the victim of gruesome brutality during a home invasion. The two robbers expected an empty apartment, but what happened next is unimaginable. At the time, our host Mo was a little kid living 15 minutes away, completely unaware of the horrors happening in the night.

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