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The Squonk & The Hag is currently self produced, so any support is appreciated! Plus, the shirts are super comfy and we’re a little biased on how awesome they look. If merch isn’t your thing, we have a Patreon if you wish to support us that way instead!

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Sometimes we want to feature something that isn’t a perfect fit for the podcast. These articles and posts feature more stories, but are exclusive to the site!

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about The Squonk & The Hag

The Squonk & The Hag Podcast is a group of friends with a shared interest in true crime and scary stories. Starting as “Just Chatting” streams on Twitch, the podcast soon developed. 

Named after two of our favorite cryptids, the podcast is filled with facts and a little silliness. Each week, one of your hosts will share a story the piqued their interest while the other weighs in. We cover everything from serial killers and ghost stories to conspiracy theories, so there’s a little bit for everyone. If you want your opinions to be heard, follow us on social media or contact us!

The team consists of hosts, Mo and Kraken, with amazing research by Alley and Ranger and our very own marketing and ideas department in Bobo! To learn more about the team, check out The Team page.

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