The Squonk & The Hag

The Team

The team behind The Squonk & The Hag is a group of friends with their own interests and specialties!



Mo (she/her)

A professional graphic designer with a fascination for serial killers and true crime, Mo started the content creation journey as a video game streamer before finding a love for podcasting. Being a huge animal lover and advocate for “Adopt Don’t Shop”, Mo spends her free time knitting and cuddling with her cats.

Kraken (he/him)

Kraken, also known as Krako, is a thing from the black lagoon… or is it 75 frogs in a raccoon suit, in a Lorax suit, in a human suit, in a trench coat? He isn’t sure, and frankly, neither are we. He’s got a knack for technology, and had met Mo on a Minecraft server in 2019. He’s mostly searching for why he is the way he is, and so that leads him to research the strange and clandestine. Sometimes he shares his findings with us and we put him on the podcast.


Alley (she/her)

Alley was raised in a library, which is where she first learned of all things historical, morbid, and spooky. By day she is a Middle School Teacher with a Master’s in Multicultural and Transnational Literature. By night, she tends to her plethora of plants, solves crosswords, crafts, and of course reads and watches everything weird and murdery. Her research focus is true crime, both historic and modern, but is also interested in folklore, witchcraft, and Indigenous history, culture, and oral traditions.

Ranger (he/him)

Gamer, Paranormal Enthusiast, and your friendly neighborhood gremlin. Ranger likes to scare Krako, make his friends laugh, and eat oodles and oodles of food. Ranger, since he was a wee bearded boy, has been fascinated with stories and myths and it led him down the road of Anthropology, in which he has a Bachelors. Ranger’s “specialty” if that’s even a term in this field is Fairy lore and weird disappearances and happenings in the National Parks and around the world.

Concepts & Marketing

Bobo (she/her)

Bobo is a rare subspecies of Dragon called “Cofficus-Anihilatus”. Their habits include hoarding books, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and also eating enough food to feed a small hooman. Our lovely resident dragon has taken a liking to us namely because we give her a steady stream of caffeine. She’s a connoisseur of spoopy books and has become enthralled with one of our hosts, Krako. May the gods have mercy on his froggy soul. She is our consultant on many strange things, as she’s been around for millennia and even has interviewed such creatures as Bigfoot, Dracula, and the Mothman.

Tanya (she/her)

Mo’s sister makes the team a family affair by handling the show’s social media! A follower of true crime for years, Tanya is also an animal lover and proud mom! 

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