The Valley of The Headless Men

Episode 63: The Valley of the Headless Men

Deep within the Canadian wilderness lies beauty, danger, and a lot of gold. But a string of death, decapitation and strange occurrences have turned a natural paradise into a creepy destination.

The Ice Box Murders: Fred & Edwina Rogers

Episode 40: The Ice Box Murders: Fred & Edwina Rogers

When you hear of family troubles leading to a horrible crime, do you also think a CIA assassin was involved? This episode’s story is still unsolved, but the theories and unofficial investigations have uncovered just how deep this rabbit hole may go.

Roanoke: The Missing Colony

Episode 32: Roanoke: The Missing Colony

Back with another Krako Tale, we look into the story of the missing colony of Roanoke and theories about its disappearance.

The Failed Filmmaker | Episode 26

Episode 26: The Failed Film Maker: Blain Norris

Today’s story addresses just how far someone can go for their dreams, but as you’ll see, there is such as a thing as too far and unforgivably wretched in the story of Blaine Norris, and Randi and Brian Trimble.

Ruby Ridge and Waco: Where did it all go wrong? | Episode 8

Episode 8: Ruby Ridge & Waco: Where did it all go wrong?

This week, we travel back to 1993. First, Kraken will tell us all about Ruby Ridge and how it went terribly wrong as well as why many believe it was one of the factors that led to the escalation in Waco, TX. He then tells us about David Koresh and the Branch Davidian’s in the siege of Waco where ATF, FBI and more engaged in a huge stand off ultimately ending in an uncontrolled blaze and the death of over 70 organization members.

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