The Valley of The Headless Men

Episode 63: The Valley of the Headless Men

Deep within the Canadian wilderness lies beauty, danger, and a lot of gold. But a string of death, decapitation and strange occurrences have turned a natural paradise into a creepy destination.


Episode 60: Djinn

Djinn are supernatural creatures in Middle Eastern folklore. They are said to be made of fire, invisible to the human eye, and capable of shapeshifting. Djinn are often depicted as being powerful and dangerous creatures, but they can also be helpful and benevolent.

The Mishipeshu

Episode 57: Mishipeshu

Mishipeshu (also spelled Mishibijiw) is a powerful mythological creature in the folklore of North America. It is often described as a giant underwater panther said to live in the depths of Lake Superior.

The Bunyip

Episode 52: The Bunyip

The Bunyip is a legendary creature of Australian Aboriginal mythology. It is said to be a large, water-dwelling beast with a long neck, powerful jaws, and a thick hide. The bunyip is a popular subject of Australian folklore, and it has been featured in many books, movies, and television shows. In recent years, there has been renewed interest in the bunyip, and some people believe that it may be a real creature.

Nannie Doss: The Jolly Widow

Episode 43: Nannie Doss: The Jolly Widow

Some people don’t have the face of a murderer. How could a sweet looking grandmother from Oklahoma be a serial killer with over a dozen victims? This episode, we talk about Nannie Doss, aka The Jolly Widow, The Giggling Granny, The Lonely Hearts Killer, and Arsenic Annie.

The Bennington Triangle

Episode 39: The Bennington Triangle

You may have heard of The Bermuda Triangle, or even The Bridgewater Triangle . . . but what about the haunting stories from Vermont? The Bennington Triangle has its own history of disappearances, murders and even a man-eating stone?

Roanoke: The Missing Colony

Episode 32: Roanoke: The Missing Colony

Back with another Krako Tale, we look into the story of the missing colony of Roanoke and theories about its disappearance.

The Bloody Benders

Episode 31: The Bloody Benders: A Murderous Family Affair

A twisted family or just a group of serial killers pretending to be related? Try to untangle and figure out just what happened in Kansas in the late 1800’s.

Anjikuni Lake: A Mysterious Disappearance

Episode 30: Anjikuni Lake: A Mysterious Disappearance

How can 25 people just disappear from the face of the Earth? This episode, we look at an entire remote fishing village that just seemed to vanish without a trace.

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