The Menendez Brothers

Episode 45: The Menendez Brothers

Spoiled rich kids or victims of horrendous abuse? The Menendez Brothers filled the news in the early 90s with the sensationalized story of their parents’ murder. They’ve hit the news again recently with new information from the docuseries Menendez + Menudo.

Anatoly Moskvin: The Russian Doll Man

Episode 38: Anatoly Moskvin

This episode we talk about Anatoly Moskvin, the Russian necropolist who robbed graves to make a macabre doll collection of children he thought he was “saving” from their graves. Is the road to hell paved with good intentions? Or is he just evil?

Nelson Rehmeyer: The Hex Hollow Murder

Episode 34: Nelson Rehmeyer: The Hex Hollow Murder

A kind introvert brutally killed in his home, Nelson Rehmeyer was targeted by a man who believed he was cursed. Was the curse ever lifted, or did this gentle man die for no reason?

Cold Case: Mischelle Lawless

Post: Colde Case: Mischelle Lawless

The murder of a beautiful nursing student leads to an investigation of twists and turns. Who killed Mischelle?

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