The Bennington Triangle

Episode 39: The Bennington Triangle

You may have heard of The Bermuda Triangle, or even The Bridgewater Triangle . . . but what about the haunting stories from Vermont? The Bennington Triangle has its own history of disappearances, murders and even a man-eating stone?

Nelson Rehmeyer: The Hex Hollow Murder

Episode 34: Nelson Rehmeyer: The Hex Hollow Murder

A kind introvert brutally killed in his home, Nelson Rehmeyer was targeted by a man who believed he was cursed. Was the curse ever lifted, or did this gentle man die for no reason?

A Fae Crash Course

Episode 33: A Fae Crash Course

Its no mystery that here on the S&H podcast that we deal with the weird, unexplainable and macabre. From ghosts and goblins, to horrors living next door or buried underneath our feet we explore them all. In all my time exploring these phenomena, both real and folkloric, none have inspired my imagination quite like fairies. […]

Roanoke: The Missing Colony

Episode 32: Roanoke: The Missing Colony

Back with another Krako Tale, we look into the story of the missing colony of Roanoke and theories about its disappearance.

The Grey Man of Ben McDui & The Flannan Isle Lighthouse Mystery | Episode 12

Episode 12: The Grey Man of Ben McDui & The Flanna Isle Lighthouse Mystery

Welcome to Spooktober! Let’s ease into the month with two mysteries from Scotland! The Grey Man of Ben McDui is the legend of a creature high upon one of Scotland’s highest peaks while the Flannan Isle Lighthouse involves the strange disappearance of three seasoned mariners. Are supernatural forces at work, or just sad tragedies? Let us know what YOU think!

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