The Failed Filmmaker | Episode 26

Episode 26: The Failed Film Maker: Blain Norris

Today’s story addresses just how far someone can go for their dreams, but as you’ll see, there is such as a thing as too far and unforgivably wretched in the story of Blaine Norris, and Randi and Brian Trimble.

Robert the Doll: Is he cursed? | Episode 20

Episode 20: Robert the Doll: Is he cursed?

Take a trip to Key West as we discuss a simple child’s toy with big implications. Was he cursed by an angry maid? Does he really ruin your life if you insult him? This week is all about Robert the Doll.

Jeffrey Dahmer: The Milwaukee Cannibal

Episode 13: Jeffrey Dahmer: The Milwaukee Cannibal

Monsters don’t always hide in the dark or within ghost stories. Sometimes, they appear like just another normal face on the street. But in the 1990’s Milwaukee discovered that Jeffrey Dahmer had been terrorizing the city for years. Let’s take a dive in to separate fact from fiction in a twisting tale people still talk about today.

Stanley Detweiler: A Murder Gone Horribly Wrong

Episode 11: Stanley Detweiler: A Robbery Gone Horribly Wrong

On a warm summer’s night in 1987, a kind hearted man became the victim of gruesome brutality during a home invasion. The two robbers expected an empty apartment, but what happened next is unimaginable. At the time, our host Mo was a little kid living 15 minutes away, completely unaware of the horrors happening in the night.

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